"Quality Retriever Training...Started to Finished"
"Quality Retriever Training...Started to Finished"
"Quality Retriever Training...Started to Finished"
"Quality Retriever Training...Started to Finished"
"Quality Retriever Training...Started to Finished"

Dead Bird Hunting Retriever Kennels

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Who We Are...

Dead Bird Kennels provides an ideal training environment. Located in Reidsville, NC, on rolling farm lands with ponds, we are in the Piedmont Triad of central North Carolina.

Greg Barnes, the owner, has twenty five years of experience in hunting and obdience training and has several dogs with top awards.

What We Do...

Our goal is to provide quality retriever training and we accomplish this through our commitment to personal and individual attention with each and every dog.

Limiting the number of dogs in training at any given time, allows us to know your dog, provide a quality training environment, and most importantly communicate with you, the owner.

How We Do It...

Dead Bird Kennels is equipped with clean and heated 5 X 5 concrete inside runs which are connected to 5 X 10 outside (Covered) concrete runs.

Whether your goal is obedience, competing in AKC or UKC hunt testing, or just having a great hunting companion, you can rely on Dead Bird Kennels to train your dog every step of the way.

We are an authorized dealer for Loyall Pet Foods.

Loyall™ pet food from Nutrena®, a trusted leader in premium animal nutrition for more than 80 years.


There are no dogs for sale at this time.

Please contact Greg Barnes for updates and information.

How to know if you are a dogman...

If you can change your calendar about once a year, around October, We know you're a dogman. You have several guns – a couple of light small bores for your bird dogs and a couple of magnums you use over your retrievers.

Your furniture is covered with dog hair and the rungs of the kitchen chairs bear the marks of teething puppies. You have one good blue suit, one pair of black shoes, six hunting coats and three pairs of boots – not counting waiders and hippers for duck hunting.

Your car smells like a kennel, and you keep moving the cocktail table around the living room to cover up the stains on the rug. Your dogs sleep in your bedroom with the kids, and the kennel is used to store lawn mowers.

The richest people we know are dog poor. Their real Investments are in memories – and promises of perfect tomorrows. The pictures in your mind of Tick's first solid point or Tar's first long retrieve are not for sale.

Your dogs take you hunting – not the other way around. Days are remembered for the number of points not the number of birds in the bag.

You're about as fond of all the silly dogs you've owned as you are of the few that turned out to be superb. You don't for one minute believe that old saying about "a man only has one good dog in a lifetime." If a man can't find something to like about almost any dog – especially his own – there’s probably something wrong with the man.  Anonymous

Contact Dead Bird Kennels

Contact Information

Please call with questions...we will be glad to talk with you and explain how Dead Bird Retriever Kennels is right for both you and your dog.

Contact Greg by either calling, sending an Email, or submitting a question on the form below. Your information will never be shared, sold, or spammed by Dead Bird Kennels.

If you really want to get our attention, use all THREE!

Phone: 336-669-7023
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“Quality Retriever Training...Started To Finished”